Why You Need Heavy-Duty Casters for Your Business

heavy duty castersAs a competitive business, it is essential to move your equipment and materials around in the most efficient way possible to save valuable time. An equally important factor, however, is moving them safely and securely. That’s why it’s so important to use heavy-duty casters that provide the versatility and performance necessary to keep your items intact.

These casters are built to reduce the inevitable shock that occurs during the transportation process. They also make moving equipment and materials almost effortless due to the increased performance they provide. And most importantly, the versatility of these casters could translate into a significantly reduced risk of injury among your employees.

There are several different types of heavy-duty casters to choose from, so make sure you select the ones that are appropriate for your business. Some key features of these casters can include:

  • Swivel Locks
  • Wheel Brakes
  • Turning Devices

You’ll want to discuss design elements with an experienced caster supplier such as ours at R.T. Laird, Inc. That way, your needs can be translated into recommendations for products that align with your goals. We invite you to contact us today and allow us to provide your business with our expert guidance.

How to Improve Stability and Control with Shock Absorbing Casters

shock absorbing castersIn the business world, it’s a fact of life that goods must be transported from place to place to keep the wheels of commerce moving along. While transporting precious cargo, a company’s top priority is to keep their merchandise safe and protected. One way to accomplish this is by utilizing the appropriate packaging, but there is another effective way for businesses to keep their products intact. It’s something that many organizations may not even stop to consider – the use of shock absorbing casters.

Part of the transportation process for goods involves wheeling them from place to place in carts. Some of the most critical components of these carts are the wheels themselves. Standard cart wheels may satisfactorily perform the essential function of a wheel, but they do not account for some of the real-world issues that may arise during the transportation process. That’s where shock absorbing casters come into play.

Shock absorbing casters provide several benefits that result in improved stability and control. The main advantage is reduced shock and vibration up to 80%. This significantly lessens the chances of damage occurring to delicate products during transport. They also result in reduced wheel wear, which further increases stability and control. If you have any further questions about this incredible product, don’t hesitate to reach out to the good folks at R.T. Laird, Inc.

Shock-Reducing Casters for Work Environments

shock reducing castersShock-reducing casters will improve the safety and performance of your equipment. With their precise engineering and intuitive design, it is easy to upgrade many movable chairs, tables, and other objects with casters. This blog post will discuss some of the key advantages of using shock-reducing casters in work environments.

In an office setting, it is sometimes necessary to move things such as servers, workstations, printers, and copiers from one location to another. As these pieces of equipment house sensitive hardware, it is important to make sure they are protected sufficiently. Shock-reducing casters placed below a cart or table can greatly improve stability and sense of control while moving heavy objects. As a result, there is a reduced chance that your office equipment will encounter a collision or hurt someone.

Shock-reducing casters also see effective use in heavy-duty work environments such as manufacturing centers and similar facilities. These places must utilize heavy equipment and machinery daily. As such, placing such objects on poorly designed tables and movers can increase the risk of instability and an on-site accident. Shock-reducing casters are specially engineered to absorb bumps during transit, which reduces vibrations.

Shock-reducing casters have been utilized in a variety of industries, including aerospace. They normally supplement heavy-duty movers that must transport heavy machinery, such as jet engines. These pieces are particularly useful for supporting heavy loads. Many of the heavy-industry models of casters can support loads of up to 25,000 lbs. With the proper orientation and setup, shock-reducing casters will prove to be an indispensable tool in your facility’s inventory.

Three Benefits of Spring-Loaded Casters

spring loaded castersSpring-loaded casters are a smart addition to your heavy-duty equipment. They will improve the functionality and safety of your critical office equipment and other essentials. In this post, we will go over some of the key benefits of utilizing spring-loaded casters.

The first benefit of utilizing spring-loaded casters is that they are great at reducing noise pollution in your facility. When you consider your work environment, you can imagine the many sources of noise on your operating floor. One of the most significant sources is movement–whether it’s foot traffic or the transfer of equipment from one location to the other. You can equip your office equipment and load-bearing movers with these casters to reduce shock and vibration up to 80%. This also leads to lower noise levels.

Another advantage of these casters is their ease of use. Moving things like copiers and printers is fairly risky, as the condition of the flooring can cause them to rattle and even damage some of the internal components. Casters that are specially designed for heavy use can mitigate the risk of damaging equipment. It isn’t just for office essentials, either: these casters can also transport jet engines and other loads of up to 25,000 lbs., depending on the model you select.

Finally, spring-loaded casters are designed to last. Since these pieces see much use in industrial and heavy-duty applications, they are engineered with durability and ease of use in mind. This also means all casters are produced utilizing high-quality materials. With parts that prioritize quality over cost, you can feel at ease in knowing you are investing in dependable products that won’t damage delicate products or flooring.