Comparative Load Deflection Curves

Our R.T. LAIRD,  modern suspension, Shock Absorbing Casters

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Load curve

Outperform Conventional Designs

Due to their inherently high initial and final spring rates, conventionally sprung casters with limited spring deflection develop load acceleration so great that the net result is the generation of destructive shock to vehicle and payload. When payloads and travel surface conditions vary, the risk of serious damage is even greater. It is not uncommon for casters with conventional suspension systems and limited deflection to cause more severe shock damage than comparable casters under identical conditions.

The wide deflection range engineered into our Shock Isolating Casters is vitally important to the overall efficiency of the suspension system itself. Because of its exceptionally wide deflection range, the initial and final spring rates are extremely low and gradual. As a result, effective shock mitigation is now available to a greater range of payloads and at more varying speeds than before.

These shock absorbing casters drastically reduce shimmy, dynamic bounce and resonance under all loads, from empty equipment weight to payloads at least 50% greater than their rated capacity. Their wide deflection range assures maximum protection of the payload and longer service life of the vehicle.

Selecting the proper shock reducing casters for maximum shock absorption demands that certain design elements must be reviewed and discussed.  We strongly recommend that you consult with our engineering staff to specify shock absorbing casters or noise reducing caster wheels for your application. Call 1.800.231.7983 today.