Multiple Caster Wheels SDVOSB

Shock Isolating Casters that Outperform Conventional Designs

We Don’t Just Offer A Product, We Offer A Solution!

Load curve

Success often comes down to innovation, and pushing the boundaries is a key aspect of our work at R.T. Laird, Inc. In designing our shock isolating casters, we set out to solve the problems common in older products. Due to their inherently high initial and final spring rates, conventional casters with limited spring deflection accelerate to the point of causing destructive shock to both vehicle and payload. This is especially noticeable on uneven or inconsistent surfaces.

We build our shock absorbing casters with a wide deflection range that enables us to craft a much more efficient system. With our products, the initial and final spring rates are low and gradual, mitigating much of the vibration and noise that come with traditional alternatives, and helping you maintain:

  • Worksite Safety
  • Payload Protection
  • Vehicle Longevity

Made with Your Applications in Mind

With a strong understanding of the principles behind our successful shock reducing casters, we’ve built a large inventory of products that can be applied in a wide range of industries. These new devices drastically reduce shimmy, dynamic bounce, and resonance under all loads at least 50% greater than their rated capacity. Please consult with our engineers today to review and discuss design elements that can help with your specific projects.