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Precision-Designed Shock Reducing Casters

At R.T. Laird, Inc., we craft solutions for the effective movement of people, products, aerospace equipment and more. Our shock reducing casters are your resource for safety, comfort, and cost-effectiveness on any application. Utilizing a non-linear suspension system with a variable spring rate, we reduce as much as 80% of the shock and vibration your payload would normally experience.

How do we achieve those results? It’s all about precise, purposeful design choices. When we build our products, we balance numerous critical factors for success, including:

  • Speed
  • Capacity
  • Mobility
  • Noise Control

With Laird suspension casters, you get ease and efficiency in one package. From making work life a little more pleasant to avoiding disruptions and injuries caused during transit, we ensure a smooth ride between points every time.

Pick the Right Product

We have the world’s largest inventory of noise reducing casters, which means that you may need help choosing the right ones to meet your needs. Our engineers are happy to assist. Whether you need light or heavy-duty casters that can handle intense work environments or something small and maneuverable for tight spaces, you can count on our experts for advice on achieving maximum shock absorption. Get in touch today to pick the ideal product to meet your needs.

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