Suspension Casters Add Versatility and Performance

Your facility can be a busy place. When you need to move equipment from one position to another, it is essential to fit them with accessories that maintain efficiency and safety. Using rollers and casters is an effective way to keep heavy-duty equipment and machinery mobile. However, not all casters are built the same way. In this article, we will talk about suspension casters and how they improve your facility.

Suspension casters are meant to move equipment from place to place with as little disruption as possible. As such, a quality caster set must be designed to meet a variety of criteria. The characteristics of a dependable caster set will include:

Control: As casters must support heavy equipment and machinery–think office printers and engine blocks–these sets must still be easy for the end-user to move. Today‚Äôs suspension casters have a variety of features that operators appreciate, such as swivel locks, wheel brakes, and turning devices.

Resiliency: Casters need to remain durable in the face of ever-changing working conditions. From moisture to exposure to the elements, these accessories should stand up to daily wear and tear, as well as the unexpected. Durable casters may be advantageous for heavy-duty materials like aluminum, which resist corrosion and are relatively light.

Noise Reduction: A variety of work environments require manageable sound levels to uphold the safety and wellbeing of workers. Many suspension casters include sound reduction features. By reducing the ambient noise in a facility, casters can improve working conditions.

Whether you manage an office or a production facility, there is a good chance a caster set exists for your needs. Different industries have different requirements for their equipment. As such, it is crucial to choose suspension casters that are the best fit for your facility and the equipment you will need to move. Consider your options carefully before investing in new suspension casters.