Worksite Safety and Suspension Casters

Suspension casters enable heavy pieces of equipment and machinery to be moved from one place to another with ease. Given the types of safety risks that heavy equipment can pose to the worksite and those who are in it, it makes sense to invest in suspension casters that are appropriate for the job. In this article, we will discuss prominent safety topics when it comes to moving machinery, equipment, and other cumbersome items–and how good casters can maintain safety.

First, there is an issue of movement. Your office or facility must have dedicated lanes for moving items like printers, engine blocks, and other equipment that requires device-assisted movement. When it comes to relocating equipment, the ground that these pieces must travel upon must be level, free of obstructions, and provide ample space to maneuver. Above all, the device must be easy to control to prevent collisions, damage to the worksite and tools, and bodily injury.

A good set of suspension casters is critical because it facilitates the control of heavy objects. A well-designed set will possess a variety of safety and functionality features, such as shock absorption, wheel brakes, and turn assistance. Shock absorption is a highly sought-after feature, as it helps stabilize equipment and reduces the risk of losing control during transit.

Quality suspension casters also have design characteristics that make them last longer in different work environments. For instance, many casters contain aluminum because it is lightweight and resistant to corrosion. In the long run, this makes them last longer while retaining many characteristics that upholds ease-of-use.

Depending on your industry, you may also need casters that help minimize the occurrence of different risk factors. When shopping for equipment, keep a list of priorities in mind. For instance, casters that reduce the risk of electrical discharge or are not magnetic may be necessary to you and your line of work.

By considering your options carefully, it is easy to find heavy-duty suspension casters that will meet your needs. Consult with your manufacturing partners to learn more about caster sets.