How to Improve Stability and Control with Shock Absorbing Casters

shock absorbing castersIn the business world, it’s a fact of life that goods must be transported from place to place to keep the wheels of commerce moving along. While transporting precious cargo, a company’s top priority is to keep their merchandise safe and protected. One way to accomplish this is by utilizing the appropriate packaging, but there is another effective way for businesses to keep their products intact. It’s something that many organizations may not even stop to consider – the use of shock absorbing casters.

Part of the transportation process for goods involves wheeling them from place to place in carts. Some of the most critical components of these carts are the wheels themselves. Standard cart wheels may satisfactorily perform the essential function of a wheel, but they do not account for some of the real-world issues that may arise during the transportation process. That’s where shock absorbing casters come into play.

Shock absorbing casters provide several benefits that result in improved stability and control. The main advantage is reduced shock and vibration up to 80%. This significantly lessens the chances of damage occurring to delicate products during transport. They also result in reduced wheel wear, which further increases stability and control. If you have any further questions about this incredible product, don’t hesitate to reach out to the good folks at R.T. Laird, Inc.